Day 93 Theme #174 Lunchtime

21 04 2011

It was LUNCHTIME so we went to the Sole Proprietor in Worcester, Massachusetts for their famous Lobster Roll. Yummoooo…. but I was good and didn’t have the Boston Creme Pie for dessert.




8 responses

22 04 2011

Now that’s a LOBSTER ROLL! my mouth is watering.

21 04 2011
Julie McLeod

I think I might have skipped the lobster roll and gone straight for the Boston Cream Pie! I love the patterns on those plates and the way the plate in the background sort of duplicates the one in front.

21 04 2011

I think I would have liked just the dessert 🙂

21 04 2011

Is that your normal daily lunch intake Ruth-Ellen??? Hmmmm!

21 04 2011

I wish. My Dr. isn’t going to be happy with my vacation diet! Back home next week and back to the real world.

21 04 2011

That looks utterly spectacular!!! Nom nom nom!!!!

21 04 2011

I think the Boston cream pie might send somebody into cardiac arrest after that sandwich! Looks delicious.

21 04 2011
Jesse Jaca

mouth watering!

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