Day 91 Theme #228 Precious

21 04 2011

We all know how PRECIOUS our Moms are to us. Here is my Mom waiting for her cardiologist. It was below zero in the waiting room compared to the temperature in her room. So, I was just right but she was cold. I put the johnny and her coat over her.Johnnies are hospital gowns in the Northeast. I don’t know why we call them Johnnies, but when I had my first surgery at UNC in North Carolina, I kept asking for a clean Johnny and they thought I was just hallucinating from the Morphine 🙂 until Kevin arrived and explained it to them.Another Mom passed away today. She was like a second Mom when I was growing up. Rest in Peace, Libby Brickman. We will all miss you.My Mom is moving from her assisted living to the nursing care home next door tomorrow. So, this visit has been a little sad.




5 responses

25 04 2011
Jeanne Turner McBrayer

Hope all goes well with your mom’s new facility. Glad you could be there with her.

22 04 2011

Mom looks happy, hope you both quickly adjust to her new living arrangements! Sorry for the loss of your other Mom.

21 04 2011
Julie McLeod

I hope your mom’s move goes well and the transition to the new surroundings is smooth. She looks to be a really cheerful lady, so I’m sure all will be fine.

21 04 2011

Mums are all! Nothing more need be said.

21 04 2011

Yes, Moms are precious. I am sure she appreciated the extra “johnnie” and jacket.

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