Day 79 Theme #247 Rough

16 04 2011

45 Lenox Street Hartford, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

My great-grandfather Morris’ owned this house on Lenox Street in Hartford, Connecticut. It is in ROUGH shape and in a ROUGH neighborhood. There is an auction sign on the front fence. It used to be a beautiful neighborhood.




7 responses

17 04 2011
Jens (Jinxy)

A sign of the times I guess, too bad though!

17 04 2011

Sad to see it in such bad shape now.

17 04 2011

Hope seeing the house and surrounding area didn’t make you too sad.

17 04 2011
Julie McLeod

Sad indeed. Was that originally a single home or was it built for multiple families?

17 04 2011

It is a duplex and then each side has an apartment on each floor. New England has lots of these kinds of houses. We also have 3 deckers (Karen has taken pics of them a lot). I didn’t even take pictures of the worst of the area … not the neighborhood to be taking pics in.

19 04 2011
Julie McLeod

Thanks for the explanation. We have some similar here in Ottawa too…

16 04 2011

Sad to see fine building like this in rough condition.

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