Day 74 Theme #321 The Letter T

3 04 2011

The Clock Tower, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

THE LETTER T is for TOWER or what TIME is it? This is the Bell Tower Clock at NC State University in Raleigh. The clock isn’t on DST because we were headed to the theater for a play at 3:00 PM.Used Lightroom to change the color to this… just kind of like the mood.




8 responses

10 04 2011

I like the detail on your tower and the way the light adds modeling to it.

5 04 2011

The Toning is perfect for this clock Tower telling the Time!!

4 04 2011

Nice processing on a lovely tower image.

4 04 2011

Love the monotone color scheme…it really brings out the gorgeous details on the tower!

4 04 2011
Julie McLeod

That is a terrific capture and it looks to be a beautiful tower. I like your choice of processing too….

3 04 2011

Nice call on the processing. We have a clock tower near us and NONE of the four clocks on its four sides ever display the correct time. What’s up with that, anyway??

3 04 2011

T for a treat to the eye – Great Eye to capture this beauty!

3 04 2011

Really beautiful. I like how there are just a few clouds drifting by and that you can see though the tower how they are passing by.

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