Day 73 Theme #71 Debris

2 04 2011

Debris, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

The amount of DEBRIS along the streets of Wake County is a disgrace. But I suppose if you are drinking and driving you don’t care if you throw your bottle out the car window.

I used an HDRish preset in Lightroom to process this photo.




7 responses

5 04 2011

Disgusting litterbugs! They are every where. Great framing.

3 04 2011

It is amazing the amount of debris beneath the melting snow. . .thank goodness for adopt a highway.

3 04 2011

Love the processing on this one. It is a shame people have no respect for their environment.

2 04 2011

Check the road, and see if they opened the car window before throwing it out. They must be very dumb.

2 04 2011

I’m surprised they bothered to put the top back on before it was tossed out.

2 04 2011

I didn’t even notice the cap… and now I wonder if the bottle was full? I don’t think it was. They wouldn’t want to litter their car with a cap either.

2 04 2011

Ugh – one of my pet peeves! Sorry you had to see – and photograph – this!

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