Day 71 Theme #1 Abstract

30 03 2011

Abstract Raindrops, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

I got this ABSTRACT shot of the raindrops in the trees by accident. I set the camera on the ADEP setting and got this shot. ADEP is the auto depth of field setting, but instead of focusing the right way, it just took a long exposure. I used Lightroom to enhance the colors.




8 responses

10 04 2011

Very impressionistic. Love those colors.

2 04 2011

Very interesting…

31 03 2011

Very artistic, isn’t playing fun!

31 03 2011

I jump up and down when accidents turn out as exceptional as this! Most of my best pics have been accidents lol! Awesome colors!

31 03 2011
Julie McLeod

It did turn out well. Now you have a new trick up your sleeve!

30 03 2011

I think I know you well enough to realize that something intended is NO ACCIDENT. Great Outcome and Planning Ruth Ellen.

30 03 2011

Welllll.. thanks! But really it was an accident. When you use the ADEP mode, you are supposed to press half way down to focus far and then press again to focus close. It was dark and rainy too. So, I pressed all the way down instead of the right way in this mode and this is what I got.

30 03 2011

a happy accident. I like it!

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