Day 69 Theme #43 Challenging

25 03 2011

Tulip Time, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

It is CHALLENGING to grow tulips here in the South (in addition to the Lilacs I just posted about). They need a cold winter to set. For some reason we have pretty good luck getting them to bloom in our yard. The rabbits nibbled on some of the leaves, but the deer don’t seem to like this variety. These are growing under our mailbox.




6 responses

10 04 2011

The security might work if the critters were literate! Pretty tulips!

26 03 2011

Great playfulness with this theme!

25 03 2011

We stick all our bulbs in the freezer for months before we plant them out, that takes care of the winter aspect. The sign next to the tulips does send a warning.

25 03 2011

Is the security system for the deer and bunnies?? lol I LOVE this composition!

25 03 2011

WoW! I knew TOO LIPS was expensive but never thought that they would need there own security system. Boy you Yanks are extravagent! LOL

25 03 2011

Now that is funny! Maybe that is why the deer and rabbits have them for lunch 🙂

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