Day 66 Theme #197 Neglected

22 03 2011

Emily Upchurch Neglected, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

This headstone is in a NEGLECTED family plot only 2 miles from my house. I got a request on Find-a-Grave to find a photo of Kearney Upchurch but his headstone is missing. I did find the headstone of his wife Emily. Born in 1813 and died in 1872 in North Carolina.

Here is what the family plot looks like. It was recently uncovered to this state and can be seen from the road.




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10 04 2011

Very interesting story about this neglected stone.

10 04 2011

I’ve never seen a graveyard like this… our local one is a huge municipal one and it gets well looked after. Thanks for sharing a view that I’m never likely to see!

26 03 2011
Julie McLeod

This is really interesting, though sad. It must be really satisfying to help people find graves for their genealogical explorations.

25 03 2011

I hate seeing graves like this, but I have to admit, they sure make for a great image!

25 03 2011

Makes you wonder what the extended family story is – this branch seems forlorn. Great photos!

25 03 2011

You know of course that it made me curious. Found some stuff already on ancestry. We know that they still plant the land around there but the house is empty… Upchurch is a common name around here too. Our next door neighbor’s son may know about them cause he is from here…

23 03 2011

Sad how places of memorials are let go.

22 03 2011


22 03 2011

So, I found the family tree for the Upchurch family on They can trace their family back to the 1300s in England. Yikes. I found the Census records for the family back to 1850. There is a picture of the house across from these graves that has been empty since we move here. It is labeled Upchurch Plantation 3. Of course Tobacco was planted all over here. Now if I could only get past 1900 for my family tree 😦 not such great records out of the Ukraine.

22 03 2011

I love findagrave! Many of the requests for the cemetery by me are filled, but I am sure I can find some to do. Nice of you to clean it up a bit and I am sure they appreciated the photos.

22 03 2011
Bobbi Dunn

Thanks for being a part of findagrave! Too bad there are so many graveyards that look just like this or worse. If you had looked in the summer you might not have seen it at all!

22 03 2011

Actually all of this brush is pretty dead so we were able to see it last summer. I kept meaning to stop and take some photos, but never did. I found the wife’s headstone but not the husband. There are a lot of these family plots around here.

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