Day 65 Theme #16 Bathtime

19 03 2011

Bathtime for our Pond, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

It is BATHTIME for our pond. We had a mass goldfish kill this morning (March 19). Our fish have been stressed and decided to go to fish heaven. So, Kevin empited the pond and is going to give it a good cleaning and then we will buy more fish.




6 responses

25 03 2011

We just got ours cleaned out and then it snowed again….we will probably be re doing it next week lol

21 03 2011
Jeanne Turner McBrayer

Sorry about the poor fishies. Our pond is in dire need of being cleaned out after the winter. Not to mention that my grandson and a great nephew threw most of the rocks surrounding the pond into the water during our family Christmas party.

20 03 2011

I hope you gave the fish a proper funeral. We used to get slimy frogs too when the pond thawed. Oh yes, I like your choice for the theme!

20 03 2011

They were buried under the compost bin in the garden! I guess there was a frog in the pond and he survived. Once we found a frozen frog.

20 03 2011

Poor fish…..but the new ones will have a nice home

20 03 2011

So sorry about the fish! But it will be nice to have a fresh, clean pond and give a home to some new finned friends.

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