Day 64 Theme #364 Yard Work

19 03 2011

Yard Work, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

Kevin was out doing YARD WORK today, but this was because all of our goldfish were floaters today. It was a tough winter for the fish and then last week the pump broke again. It took a week to get a replacement. They weren’t eating this week and then we had the house power washed. We covered the pond but perhaps they were just too stressed. Kevin buried them under the compost bin in the garden.

So, he emptied the pond and is going to power wash it out. We won’t get new fish until the new water acclimates. This was our first mass casualty. These are some of the pond plants in water for now.




6 responses

25 03 2011

I bet Kevin loves this shot lol

20 03 2011

Great candid photo! One can can get tired of “gallery hopeful” images, but this always plays well with me. It’s real life!

20 03 2011

Does Kevin know you are posting pictures of his backside? 🙂

20 03 2011

Nice view! 😉 And I like the processing on the photo. Great color.

19 03 2011

At least he doesn’t have a plumber’s gap.

19 03 2011

Sorry to hear about your goldfish, recycling them into the compost was the best thing to do.

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