Day 62 Theme #287 Stripes

17 03 2011

Cushion in the Tree, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

You can really see the STRIPES in our outdoor cushion when it is hanging in the tree. The guys from Window Gang hung the cushion in the tree while they power washed the front porch.

I used the Dragan 2 preset in Lightroom to process this photo.




5 responses

19 03 2011

Now that doesn’t look very comfy! 🙂 Interesting composition, I like the processing!

18 03 2011

I’m glad it wasn’t thrust there by a storm! It’s intriguing how the colors on the cushion match those of the bark on the tree.

19 03 2011

I was sad when I saw this in the tree and could only think of the destruction that was happening in Japan.

18 03 2011

Glad you didn’t get ‘hung up’ because the guys put the cushion in the tree.

17 03 2011

That’s a precarious perch for the cushion! I like the preset you used.

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