Behind on Posting

1 03 2011

I am behind on my photo posting… got home from our long weekend away and have been working on getting my Family Tree Book done… actually it is one of three books I am trying to finish. I have been working on my family tree for the past three years. On my Mom’s side and my Dad’s side. I also am doing Kevin’s family (all sides). So, I have been scanning photos and retouching photos and digging up long lost family members (live and not live). It has become quite the project.

This is a picture of my great-greatgrandmother Chaya Potash Burak. She lived in Trochenbrod, Ukraine (or Poland depending on the year). But we are definitely Ukrainian.The little girl is her granddaughter – not sure of her name. She most likely was killed in 1942 when the Nazis destroyed Trochenbrod and murdered all who remained. No one in my Dad’s family ever talked about this. I never knew we had lost family during the Holocaust. But the good news is that some family did survive living in the woods as Partisans. And they made it to Israel and beyond. I have been in contact with these cousins and it has been exciting.

So, I will get back to posting photos soon. Spring has sprung here already! The red buds and the daffodils and the forsythia are blooming.



12 responses

13 03 2011

So poignant a photograph, the young woman looks so confident. Seems like a wonderful project

13 03 2011

An amazing photo and you are helping to keep the memories alive for future generations of family. A priceless gift.

6 03 2011

I love the vintage photo. Am glad you could find out some details before all the memories were lost. Sad to think of the demise of the young girl under those circumstances. Wish I could be there to enjoy your spring flowering trees/bushes/flowers.

3 03 2011

Doing something like this is more important than any theme. I was fascinated by your story and your photo. Extremely powerful and moving!

2 03 2011

Welcome back! Looks as you had a great trip! So nice to have the family history.

1 03 2011

What a wonderful photo for your family history – good luck with your project.

1 03 2011

what a great find and research project. The girl looks very serious and mature.

1 03 2011

Oh wow, I love seeing the clothing they wore back then. I love the character and wisdom that was captured in great grandma’s face…and how grown up the little girl looks! This is just wonderful!

1 03 2011
Julie McLeod

This photo really brings them to life. As you gaze into their eyes, don’t you wonder if they had an inkling of what was to come?

I hope you’ll give us more glimpses into your family tree project….

1 03 2011

I do wonder what happened to the little girl and hope that Chana at least had a long life at this point in the photo. I will post more about my family tree project.

1 03 2011

Thanks for this historical shot.

1 03 2011

A wonderful project that will be treasured.

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