Day 50 Theme #130 Glowing

19 02 2011

Glowing, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

The kids were all GLOWING by the end of the afternoon. They were wearing flashing bracelets and necklaces. I just put the camera on P and pressed the shutter.




9 responses

6 03 2011

Very cool results!

22 02 2011

The Bar Mitzvah photos are great. looks like a lot of fun! I like the energy in this one, and the one of the two cousins dancing is just TOO cute for words. Aw!

21 02 2011

Great effect–so vibrant and full of action.

21 02 2011

looks like a glowing good time was had by all!

20 02 2011

That really made a cool effect..creativity at it’s best!

20 02 2011

This is just fun!

20 02 2011

Cool shot! I love the action it portrays, as well as the glowing colors.

19 02 2011
Christina, Sweden

you got smart effects on this one, suits the theme perfect

19 02 2011

Very clever reflection, love the end result!

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