Day 45 Theme #233 Reaching Up

16 02 2011

Reaching Up, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

Our daffodils are already REACHING UP toward the sky. And this weekend they will reach even higher when it is in the 70s (F) this weekend. It is amazing how fast they grow each day!

These are a different kind of daffodils, I think?




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6 03 2011

Oh, I’m so wishing for these! Will be at least 2 months and probably more before ours are at this stage. Enjoy! I’ll look forward to more of your spring flowers. Great photos!

18 02 2011

Daffodils and grape hyacinths (the smaller ones) are a sure sign of spring:}

17 02 2011

If you keep posting pictures like these, I might just be at your doorstep soon! I am so jealous! I love the first hints of Spring and you captured that special time wonderfully!

16 02 2011

Jealous…I’m jealous, wicked jealous. We still can’t even seen GROUND for all the snow. It is a very, very beautiful and hopeful sight.

16 02 2011

What do you expect now the snow has cleared! would be an interesting One-an-Hour time lapse over a week!

16 02 2011

We don’t have snow in North Carolina … well they do in the mountains, but we live in the Piedmont next to the Mountains and then comes the coast.

16 02 2011
Julie McLeod

I won’t be seeing those in person for a couple months yet so thanks for sharing yours! 😉 Lovely shots – I especially like the warmth and shallow depth of field in the first one.

16 02 2011

I’m so jealous too! It’s supposed to be around 60F the next few days, but then cold again.

16 02 2011

Daffodils already!!!!! I’m jealous, too. I went for walk today, but not far because the sidewalks are still icy, and the ground is still covered with two feet of snow.

16 02 2011

Green and growing…there is hope!

16 02 2011

I am so jealous!

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