Day 41 Theme #22 Black and White Image

11 02 2011

Black and White, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

I took this BLACK AND WHITE image at Cameron VIllage. It is the name of a store that sells only black and white clothes. I used one of the free PanosSFX actions to turn it into a filmstrip and make it black and white.

I have a cold and fever and can hardly get out of bed, so this shot is from last Saturday. I think I caught a cold because I didn’t wear my jacket when we were walking around the shopping plaza.




9 responses

6 03 2011

Very cool action!

15 02 2011
Julie McLeod

Hope you are feeling better by now!

This was an excellent pick for the theme. I love the idea of a store with only black and white clothes. But I need gray too.

12 02 2011

Hoe you are up and about soon.

Perfect shot for the theme!!

12 02 2011

creative take and process. hope you are feeling better.

11 02 2011

Feel better, Ruth-Ellen! Those colds are nasty. Clever way to show the black and white theme, too.

11 02 2011

What a great name for a clothing store! Hope you can shake off your ills soon.

11 02 2011

Get well soon, and consideration from a sick person to appease my allergy to black and white by putting that lucsious border around it is really appreciated. LOL

11 02 2011

I like the processing on this. Hope you start feeling better soon!

11 02 2011

This is wonderful….and I really love the simplicity and the processing!

Hope you are feeling better soon, this cold stuff going around is really icky! Take care of yourself!

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