Day 38 Theme #316 The Letter O

7 02 2011

THE LETTER O IS FOR ORCHID… These are really blue orchids. No Photoshop tricks here. One of these blue orchids will be arriving at my house for Valentine’s Day!

Here are some other examples of the orchids at the Atlantic Garden Shop in Raleigh.




9 responses

15 02 2011
Julie McLeod

What a beautiful array! My favorite is the second to last one. But, I’d surely kill it if it came to live with me so I’d better just enjoy it on the internet!

12 02 2011

orchids are striking. you should send “O”prah a copy of the blue one, I remember her saying years ago that there were no real blue flowers.

11 02 2011

Those blue orchids are to die for. Your orchid photos are all wonderful – the color, the DOF and the composition, too.

10 02 2011

Wonderful, wonderful orchid photos! Wish they were easier to grow…at least their blooms are very long lasting! Great job!

8 02 2011

That is an amazing color! Great shots all. Just what everyone needs after this Northern Hemisphere winter. I’d sure never be able to choose just one plant to buy…

7 02 2011

That looks like an Orchard of Orchids!

7 02 2011

You put some Spring into my day! 🙂 I LOVE orchids and these are all so beautifully taken! I have never seen a blue orchid…I am awaiting the arrival of yours so I get to see more pictures!

7 02 2011

All of these orchids are so beautiful, how could you choose just one?

7 02 2011

wow – all of the colors are gorgeous. I love the focus – especially of the first one.

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