Day 37 Theme #97 Fashion

6 02 2011

WWJW, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.


Took this in another store in Cameron Village that sells art work and funky collectibles. I bought a Diego Rivera jigsaw puzzle.

Used Lightroom to enhance the colors and added a vignette.




7 responses

15 02 2011
Julie McLeod

It made for a great shot! I like how the color of the magnetic thing is duplicated in the blurred background.

11 02 2011

That’s hysterically funny! I love it! Love the tie-dyed t-shirt…

10 02 2011

I’d like to see what other outfits they have for Jesus…interesting idea!

8 02 2011

Fun! Looks like just what I need on my fridge, I’ve seen magnetic outfits for other iconic people but never Jesus.

7 02 2011

Now that is one I have not seen before….nice details and colors in that puzzle!

6 02 2011

I love jigsaw puzzles and Diego Rivera. Good luck!

6 02 2011
Bobbi Dunn

Sorry. I think the manufacturer made a tacky product. However, good to be reminded that not everything is important.

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