Day 36 Theme #286 Store Fronts

5 02 2011

STORE FRONTS… We went to Cameron Village today so Chris and Kevin could shop at Penzey’s. Then we walked around a little bit. This is one of the STORE FRONTS. Kewpie dolls and women’s clothing!




8 responses

15 02 2011
Julie McLeod

Gosh, I love this! The window designer has a lot of creativity. I love the colors!

10 02 2011

Dolls of all sorts interest me…I’d be in there to have a closer look in no time at all.

7 02 2011

Now that is too fun…I’d be stopping there, very quirky!

6 02 2011
Christina, Sweden

an interesting composition in that window. The big doll reminds me of someone from the past….

6 02 2011

I like this! The window-dresser knew how to appeal to onlookers with different levels of approach.

6 02 2011

Nice bright colors!

5 02 2011

I always found kewpie dolls a little disturbing. Not sure why.

5 02 2011

I think I may have walked past this shopfront without a flicker of interest! And that bothers me not in the slightest! Great colour though!

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