Day 34 Theme #110 Fluffy

4 02 2011

Fluffy, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

FLUFFY… Our friends arrived today from Key West on their way home back to their home in Massachusetts! This is a picture of their dog Coco’s tail. Coco is part Pekingese and part Dachshund. Her tail is FLUFFY and flops over like a mop.

Isn’t she cute:




5 responses

10 02 2011

Doesn’t take after the dachshund much tho! Cute dog!

4 02 2011

Good thing you posted the sedoncd shot–I wasn’t sure which end of the dog this was.

4 02 2011

Coco is a cutie…looks like she is sporting a new haircut!

4 02 2011

She’s adorable – can she come clean my floors with that tail?

4 02 2011

I think she looks very cute and silently pleased that she didn’t inherit the dachshund legs.

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