Day 32 Theme #24 Bloom

1 02 2011

Bloom, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

BLOOM…. The orchid opened a new BLOOM today. I got this orchid for my birthday in October and it has stayed in bloom this long.

Everyone liked the coloring in the first image so I edited out the window frame in this one too:

I took this shot with my Lensbaby and the 2.8 cutout. I used Lightroom to process the first image. I used Elements to remove the window frame that runs down the middle and used Lightroom to turned the image into black and white.

I edited out the window frame in the first image and like it better:




12 responses

3 02 2011

I like the color of the top photo but the edited out window frame of the second.

2 02 2011

Breathtaking – I love the processing you did in Lightroom on the two photos below, especially the color on the last one where you edited out the window frame.

2 02 2011
Julie McLeod

Of the two color shots, I prefer the shades in the first but the removal of the window frame is crucial because it detracts attention from the beautiful bloom. You did a great job on the cloning, by the way.

The black and white is really nicely done and it is my favorite of the three versions. It brings everything down to the amazing detail of the center of the flower. I’d frame that one.

1 02 2011

I love the soft pinks in the top shot. Very nice.

1 02 2011

the first pink photo is my fave love the soft pink color so dainty

1 02 2011

Elegant–the silver and pink go so well together.

1 02 2011

Beautiful orchid, seems so soft and fragile.

1 02 2011

Definitely like the color version best…and definitely the close up! Really beautiful orchid!

1 02 2011

Very nice edit out of the window frame. Beautiful color and processing.

1 02 2011

The top shot is my favorite, and I’m amazed you had a bloom that long. You must have a green thumb.

1 02 2011
Bobbi Dunn

Gorgeous bloom! You are lucky to have it.

1 02 2011

The top shot is gorgeous and the thought of a gift being so long lived seems like a personal comment on your future!

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