Day 31 Theme #3 Airborne

31 01 2011

Airborne, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

AIRBORNE…. This olympic Flying Aces went AIRBORNE at Raleigh Wide Open in Saturday. They were on a trampoline and were doing all kinds of tricks.

I used the Glow preset to blur out the background in the first photo and an Edge preset on the second photo.




8 responses

3 02 2011

I thought the first one looked like someone had just jumped off the building! Like the processing on the bottom photo…really attention getting!

2 02 2011

Great action shots – and I like the processing on both. Very different, but it works for both subjects.

31 01 2011

Of the two, I prefer the top one. Between the soft processing and the absolute stop-action, it looks like she’s levitating and is entirely free from the force of gravity.

31 01 2011

Now that is the way to stop the action…I just love the processing in the second image…I can see that in an advertisement or poster!

31 01 2011

these are great, I didn’t know you had your camera back in 1930, that is wall street isn’t it?

31 01 2011

They seem to be hanging there in midair – great capture for the theme.

31 01 2011

nice shots. I like the processing to keep the focus on the people.

31 01 2011

Nice in the air catch!

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