Day 30 Theme #184 Motion Blur

30 01 2011

Japanese Drummers, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

MOTION BLUR….The Japanese Drumming Association of Raleigh performed at Raleigh Wide Open yesterday. I caught one of the drummers hands in a perfect MOTION BLUR. They really put their whole bodies into the motion of drumming.

Here is the drummer:




11 responses

2 02 2011

So colorful – and the top one really shows the energy and power!

30 01 2011

Yes, beautiful drums and a beautiful motion shot!

30 01 2011
Bobbi Dunn

Excellent find! I’m glad you were able to get close enough for such great shots!

30 01 2011

I was close but I also was using my 75-300 zoom lens. I usually always have my long lens on my 50D and then use my other camera for closer shots.

30 01 2011

That top shot is a super spectacular ACTION SHOT!

30 01 2011
Julie McLeod

I love these, the first shot especially. The motion is palpable. I wonder if female drummers are a bit out of the ordinary for Japanese drummers?

30 01 2011

There’s a lot of energy in these pics, the drums also look beautiful.

30 01 2011

This is too fun…it looks like he is beating those drums really, really fast!

30 01 2011
Christina, Sweden

such blurry parts in the otrherwise sharp photo, great composition

30 01 2011

The colors and motion are wonderful in your image of the Japanese drummers.

30 01 2011

Great capture of the motion. Japanese drumming is so cool – the Botanic Gardens by me has them every year for the Cherry Blossom Festival. The colors in this shot are great and I love how shiny the drums are.

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