DaY 28 Theme #240 Religion

28 01 2011

Religion, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

RELIGION… This statue is on the top of a mausoleum that is in the center of Gethsemene Memorial Gardens. It is a symbol of RELIGION and shows how it interacts with the trappings of modern society with the power lines in the background.

I was walking around the cemetery today looking for a grave for someone on Find A Grave. I found the grave and the person was thankful.

Used a Lightroom AGFA preset that changed the sky to an aqua color for more contrast with the statue.




7 responses

30 01 2011

Almost looks like the monument is plugged in and should light up! Too bad about the high lines but I spose you can’t really go underground there as too many obstacles!

29 01 2011

You wonder why someone places a statue as beautiful as this right in w/ all those wires….I love your processing, the aqua sky really makes that statue shine!

29 01 2011

Actually the power lines and the poles in the shape of a cross make this image even more striking. All kinds of symbolic meaning here. And the color is just right.

29 01 2011

I didn’t even notice the shape of the cross in the telephone pole. I didn’t take a wide shot of the mausoleum…next time I go back there I will.

28 01 2011

Find-a-grave again….I love it! I’m sure you made somebody very happy by fulfilling their request. I hope to do some of that when the weather warms up at the cemetery by me. Lovely shot.

28 01 2011

That must be some mausoleum as that statue looks right up there with those power line.

28 01 2011

Wow ruth-Ellen, those powerlines are a photographers bane for sure!

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