Day 26 Theme #305 The Letter D

26 01 2011

THE LETTER D is for Devil Dog Dungarees. I was driving in Zebulon, NC on the way to the Gethsamene Memorial Gardens (more on that tomorrow) and saw this factory. It has been a long time since we called jeans “dungarees”! The factory is still in business even in this economy.

I did a Google search for Devil Dog Dungarees and was surprised to find some other versions of this sign on flickr. Check it out.

I used Lightroom to make the photo blue and used the Holga Base preset to soften the image more.




9 responses

30 01 2011

Cool…so retro!

28 01 2011
Julie McLeod

What a great find and your processing suits it very well. (I use that Holga Base preset a lot too!) The word “dungaree” has an interesting etymology, having come from Hindi. I wonder how it came to be used in the US?

26 01 2011

What a great old sign. Nice job on making it look even older.

26 01 2011

the blue monotone works so well for this, given both the reference to blue jeans and the old-fashioned quality of the sign.

26 01 2011

A great sign! And the processing is very retro, too.

26 01 2011

Looks like it was taken through a moving car’s tinted windscreen!

26 01 2011

The processing ages this a bit, and I really love the blue tints!

26 01 2011

Great processing – the blue really fits the theme!

26 01 2011

Fabulous sign and good processing.

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