Day 23 Theme #284 Statue

23 01 2011

Thinking, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

STATUE… This statue of The Thinker by Rodin is at the North Carolina Museum of Art. He must be cold sitting up there on his pedestal naked. Maybe that is what he is thinking about? My hubbie Kevin is also a thinker and was probably wondering what the Thinker was Thinking too.




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25 01 2011

He was very obliging to pose with The Thinker for you! Nice processing and color – I like the double portrait best of the two photos.

24 01 2011
Esther Farnstrom

The composition of the human with the sculpture is well balanced and pleasing to my eye. So you had to make him get into the picture!? My husband is also camera-shy….

24 01 2011

I’m thinking this is thinking in the raw – great photos.

24 01 2011

I love the close up and the soft white vignette, makes it look rather dreamy! The composition of the lower image is also awesome…love how he is looking at the sculpture…wonder what Kevin is thinking! 🙂

24 01 2011

I love the shot of your husband pondering what The Thinker is thinking about. Very creative.

24 01 2011

I love your photo of the man pondering the thinker…makes me want to chuckle! The first photo with the dreamy look to it is wonderful and really illustrates “daydream” to me.

23 01 2011

I like the fact that you caught someone thinking about the Thinker. It makes one think.

23 01 2011

I made him go stand over by the statue…

23 01 2011

Nice cropping and vignette in the top and I love the contemplative look of the observer in the second.

23 01 2011

Wow – I really like that top image!

23 01 2011

This is my fourth favourite Rodin Sculpture, but I think that is just cause it reminds me of “The Many Loves of Dobbie Gillis”

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