Day 22 Theme #273 Smells

22 01 2011

Nose Ring, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

SMELLS… The nose ring belongs to one of the Belted Galloway cows that live at Fearington Village in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Not only do noses take in the SMELLS but the SMELLS of the cows were quite strong even though it was cold out! He must have had an itch cause he was scratching his nose on the wire fence (which was also electrified).

Belted Galloway Cows

Baby Belted Galloway Cow




13 responses

28 01 2011
Julie McLeod

They look like oreos! 😉

I love the nose ring shot…..

26 01 2011
Esther Farnstrom

I guess we now know why their coats are curly! I think my hair would frazzzzzle. I remember when living on a farm, and my twin and I were too young to know any better, our big brother would tease us into touching his hand (while he was touching the hot wire)…

24 01 2011

I can’t imagine there must be much of a charge on that fence…our cattle would be nowhere near that if they had touched a metal nosering to it!!! Those belted cattle look so cute!

23 01 2011

I love those Belted Galloways – they look like oreo cookies! Nice selection of photos – that ringed nose is so ickily moist.

23 01 2011
Christina, Sweden

Such lovely curly cows, the calf is wonderful. I like the closeup of the nose, thinking of piercing and how some people have a similar ring ,weird if you ask me. Smell yes they do and imagine how the smell is inside. Nothing is worse than pigsmell though…. fits the theme very well

23 01 2011

HA! Great top photo for the theme!!

23 01 2011

Nice shot of the nose with ring. Not something one sees everyday. Love all those furry cows! I know the scents can be overpowering, but the ground must be really fertile. 🙂

22 01 2011

I’ve got to admit that I like the bottom photo of the calf better than the top one of the nose ring. I think it’s along the lines of TMI.

22 01 2011

Looks like he likes to live dangerously! They are such pretty breed.

22 01 2011

That nose ring is priceless…I just love that picture!!! Really nice takes of these cows!

22 01 2011

That ring looks like it hurts to me. The baby belted is so cute.

22 01 2011

wow. The baby is so cute!

22 01 2011

Some cows get addicted to the tingle of electricity just as old time telephonists did, on PABX boards.

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