Day 21 Theme #132 GREEN

21 01 2011

Green Groceries, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

GREEN… The cupboards and the fridge were bare so I had to go out and get some GREEN groceries. The logo for Lowes Foods is GREEN too.

I used Lightroom to take the colors except green out of all three shots.




8 responses

24 01 2011

Love all the different shapes you found that were green. Am thinking of the crunchiness of the celery and peppers and makes me crave a crunch!

23 01 2011

That is quite a collection of greens! Nice choice on desaturating everything but the green!

22 01 2011

Love your collage of greens…your processing is wonderful too…it really brings out the main subject.

22 01 2011

Lovely selection of green veges.

22 01 2011
Christina, Sweden

always nice with greengrocers 🙂
I like the composition

21 01 2011

Nice selective coloring

21 01 2011

That’s a clever choice for green! I like he selective coloring, too. We could use a little green right now – just had about 5-6 more inches of snow this morning. Yuck.

21 01 2011

I love selective coloring. I really like the deep green of the peppers.

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