Day 15 Theme #275 Snack or Treat

15 01 2011

Up On the Roof, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

The Turkey Vulture is looking for a SNACK OR TREAT. He and his friends were stacking out the neighborhood. There were three vultures on the roof and lots of crows hanging around too.

Just cropped this picture. The sky was nice and blue!




7 responses

17 01 2011

Hope he didn’t leave too many “calling cards”!! Like the viewpoint!

16 01 2011

This is an awesome capture…I love how he is on the peak looking over!

16 01 2011

great cropping and such a blue sky! Don’t know if I would like a bird like that nearby

15 01 2011

Roadkill nearby perhaps? A face only a mother could love.

15 01 2011

they are majestic looking birds

15 01 2011

I hope your feeling well Ruth Ellen! I would hate to have a vulture perch above me, it would make me think it knows something I don’t. LOL I remember the cartton where one vulture turns to another and says Patience my ass, I;m gonna kill something!!

15 01 2011

wow! I’d be scared if that thing swooped down on me. Nice capture – the sky is so nice and blue.

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