Lensbaby Book and Focusing Info

14 01 2011

I just bought a new book by Corey Hiltz called “Lensbaby”. Well worth the money. It talks about the different Lensbaby lenses and all of the accessories. I have the Muse and some of the cutouts. I am thinking about getting the pinhole optic and maybe the plastic lens. I have the double glass, which gives you a sharper picture.

It also reminded me that I should check the diopter setting on the camera. I have noticed that some of photos are not focused even with my autofocus lens. I suspect the diopter is off. I am also wearing glasses now (I am farsighted) and have problems with having to wear my glasses and take photos. I guess there is also a Dioptric Lens Adjustment thing you can buy. Does anyone use one?

I also realized that I should read my camera manual and the book I bought about the 50D again.

The waiter at Mimi’s last week noticed me taking pics in the restaurant. He works at Best Buy also. I said I was thinking of getting the 60D, which has the HD video built in. He said not to go for that one and get the 7D. A much better camera. So, if I can sell my 50D and my other canon, then maybe I will upgrade. I don’t have too, but I hate carrying around 2 cameras.




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17 01 2011

Have heard good things about the 7D too but since I’ve only had the 50D a year now, I’m sticking with it. Have been trying to remind myself that it’s the eye not the equipment in so many cases. Look at all those great phone photos!

14 01 2011

Does the book give any insight on using the different lenses and what pictures it works best on? I have the composer and the scout w/ the double glass, single glass, soft focus, plastic and fisheye attatchemts…also have the macro accessories. i am loving all of these, but finding more throw aways then keepers.

I have adjusted my diopter setting on my camera per my manual…that seemed to do the job! How I would love that lens…I currently have the XSI but can’t afford a better one at the moment…let me know what you end up with!

14 01 2011

I am only part way through, but he talks about each lens, how to focus, what the optic lenses can do and in between each chapter he has examples of photos and tells you what lens/aperture were used.

I also realized that I wasn’t using my aperture rings… I kept thinking I could change the camera settings and you can’t do that with the Lensbaby. Big difference in focus… and I think my diopter was off too. He said he had lots of throw aways too in the beginning so I am encouraged!

I won’t be getting a new lens anytime soon… hubbie needs more dental work 🙂

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