Day 14 Theme #235 Red

14 01 2011

Red, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

The RED wall shows the shadow of my Jim Shore Snowman perfectly. I went bold with a red wall in my sewing/computer/messy bonus room. The rest of the walls are white. It is too messy right now for a photo!

Here is a picture of the Jim Shore Snowmen outside in 2009 for the Winter theme. The tall one is the one in the shadow.




8 responses

18 01 2011

I remember those snowmen! The shadow on the red looks like an Indonesian puppet show.

17 01 2011

I love your snowmen but I had a hard time looking at the silhouette…was rather spooky!

14 01 2011

It is a bit eerie looking, but what’s a Jim Shore snowman?

14 01 2011

Looks like the shadow of one of those spooky clowns- Scary!

14 01 2011

The red really shines.

14 01 2011

That’s a great color for a room! Nice shadow.

14 01 2011

I love that red wall…I bet it really brightens up the room….Husker Red! 🙂

14 01 2011

It is Husker Red of course! I didn’t even think of that. You should have the perfect picture for the RED theme! Lincoln on game day maybe!

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