Day 12 Theme #72 Depth of Field

11 01 2011

Depth of Field, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

This is a good example of DEPTH OF FIELD. I was using my zoom lens today to take pictures of the ice storm we had last night. I took this from the back door cause the deck was a sheet of ice. Luckily we only got a thin layer of ice and never lost power. Most of the ice was on the ground and on the deck. Not much in the trees.

Here is another dept of field picture of our baby icicles on the gutter over the garage:

The deck (this is the same leaf from the Blue Theme pictures).




5 responses

18 01 2011

The icicles have great depth of field. We got the ice today – about 4-5 inches of snow, then freezing rain to form a thick crust over everything. It’s a skating rink out our front door.

13 01 2011

My favorite is the icicles on the gutter. I have always loved icicles. Even tho they cause damage sometimes, I love the quaint storybook look. Thanks for reminding me to go shoot a picture of some.

12 01 2011

very nice. I like the ornament one the best

12 01 2011

Your depth images are all spot on…especially love the hanging ornament…that background turned out so interesting and really makes the ornament stand out that much more.

12 01 2011

Your depth of field image is wonderful. The ornament jumps off the page.

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