Day 11 Theme #172 Literature

10 01 2011


The Letter J is for Junk Mail, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

This is all of the LITERATURE that we have received so far after our car accident. In North Carolina, the lawyers and chiropractors scour the police reports and send letters offering their valuable services. I think I feel a pain in my neck coming on. And they are even sending letters to my friend in Massachusetts who was in the car too. The car isn’t even registered to me. I was just a witness.




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18 01 2011


14 01 2011
Jens (Jinxy)

Not sure I would post my address like this, just had someone trying to use my ATM account near the Mexican border, cant be too careful these days.

14 01 2011

Good point… will do one of those black-out things!

11 01 2011

Not such good reading material…but great for the theme literature.

11 01 2011

Makes no sense, how many trees died to offer services. Those people are desperate.

11 01 2011

A sign of the times….you can tell they really need the work lol That kind of stuff really drives me nuts!

11 01 2011

Ambulance chasing is so pathetic! I hate seeing all the promos on TV also for the same thing. Like your photo illustration of it though!

11 01 2011

That lot should fit right at home in the recycling bin! I’d pick out one with a large ‘return envelope’ and fill it with all the others and sit back and see what happens next.

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