Day 10 Theme #25 Blue

10 01 2011

Blue, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

It was a cold Carolina BLUE sky kind of day. Even my fingers turned blue from the cold (I need some of those iPhone gloves with holes for the fingertips). The first picture is our deck, which is stained blue (I boosted the blue with Lightroom).

I took the following picture with my Lensbaby. It is of the top of the plant holder on our deck, which is green metal. I used Lightroom to change the blue sky and the bird colors using several presets.

The following picture was taken with my regular lens. I boosted the blue sky with Lightroom. Just another squirrel nest.




11 responses

28 01 2011
Julie McLeod

Oh, I really love that first image. I think I’d frame that one….

11 01 2011

At least your deck is still blue and not piled with the white stuff! Love the single leaf on it. Squirrel nests always amaze me…never know they’re there until the leaves come off the trees…they seem so precarious!

11 01 2011

Today the deck is a sheet of ice…. the squirrels starting taking the coconut fibers from my hanging pots for their nests, so now I have plastic hanging pots. We cut down 18 oak trees in our yard and now they have to walk along the fence cause they can’t go from tree to tree. That nest is pretty high up.

10 01 2011

Blue velvet, very nice.

10 01 2011

I like the top image the best–those repeating blue patterns broken by that one solitary brown leaf.

10 01 2011

All nice but the first one, of your deck, really feels blue to me! I like the shadow and the solitary leaf.

10 01 2011

Beautiful pics..I would love to see the view from the deck! You will need to post a warm pic of the deck this summer…

10 01 2011

What brilliant blues…I especially love the center image…so very cool! Unique too!

10 01 2011

Beautiful blue photos. The center image is my favorite of the group. Nice processing with lightroom.

10 01 2011

Very nice blues. I love the lines in the first photo. Definitely get a pair of fingerless gloves/mittens. I wear mine all the time when taking pictures or using my iPhone. The mitten part flips off/on so your fingers still stay warm.

10 01 2011

Love all your ‘blue’ themed photos, especially the one with the squirrel nest – I’ve learnt something new as I had this idea that they lived inside holes in the trees..

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