Day 9 Theme #54 Cold

9 01 2011

Cold Fish, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

Our goldfish are COLD today with the temps falling below 30 degrees F at night these days. But they will survive another cold winter. The water from the fountain is frozen around the netting that we put on the pond to keep out the oak leaves.

I used Lightroom to make the ice bluer.




12 responses

11 01 2011

Love the patterns in your photo…very interesting to study. We have to bring our koi/goldfish into the basement every November as our pond freezes solid. When they get warmed up they tend to jump out of the big tank so we have to put a screen on it. Last year one leaped out and the cat dragged it upstairs as a prize!

9 01 2011

The water on the netting is very cool as is the combo of icy blue and the warm red and gold.

9 01 2011

I love the abstract nature of this shot….great colors and super details!

Our koi always live every year…we couldn’t kill them if we wanted to lol

9 01 2011
Jens (Jinxy)

Great capture!

9 01 2011

Ditto what was said above, in that it is a colorful, yet cold, abstract image. It works on many levels and many themes.

9 01 2011

They say goldfish are hardy – this image proves it beyond doubt!

9 01 2011

We don’t feed them all winter. They usually sit at the bottom of the pond. If it warms up during the day, they may swim around a little.

9 01 2011

Top Image Ruth Ellen, but I have to ask. Does freezing them in Winter and thawing in Spring prolong their life any??

9 01 2011

Great ice pic and the colors intertwined make it better.

9 01 2011

Definitely a cold pond. Brrr … Very nicely done.

9 01 2011

Very abstract looking cold image. The color sparkles.

9 01 2011

Poor fish. I really like the frozen water on the netting when you look at this full-size.

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