Day 8 Theme #53 Coiled

8 01 2011

Coiled, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

I used the COILED cutout and my Lensbaby Muse to take a picture of one of my stained glass fan lights.

I used Lightroom presets (Holga Base, HiKey LowSat LB’d and Bright Lomoishy and Subtley and cropped the image so the light wasn’t centered.




10 responses

11 01 2011

Very pretty!

9 01 2011

Excellent abstract–it almost seems to pulse with energy.

9 01 2011

A cool abstraction, I am still deleting most all of my Lensbaby shots but it is so fun.

9 01 2011

Very artistic. Great processing.
Visit me too!

8 01 2011
conor coen

very cool

8 01 2011

Have no idea about all your processing, but it turned out well.

8 01 2011

It looks like one of those modern art paintings that sell for thousands!

8 01 2011

You achieved a nice abstracted coil.

8 01 2011

Very cool coil. Nice processing job!

8 01 2011

Creative use of the lensbaby…I need to get some of those creative cutouts!!! Turned out very abstract and cool1

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