Day 3 Theme #177 Metallic

3 01 2011

This Snowman Won’t Melt, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

This METALLIC snowman won’t melt. It is shiny and greeted us today as we gathered for our monthly quilt art bee meeting in Cary, NC. The real snow has melted.

Used Lightroom to remove all of the color except pink and it left some of the color in the leaves.




9 responses

4 01 2011

Love this. The blurred leaves (top right) give me the impression of melting metal.

4 01 2011

Love the smile on that metal snowman and your use of selective color is fabulous!

4 01 2011

The processing is perfect. Say, if you need more snow for your snowman, just let me know and I’ll pack a cooler with some and ship it!

4 01 2011

The processing works well with this image. I really like the muted tones and textures.

4 01 2011
Clara Williams

Great mixture of textures in this image. I also really like that little yard ornament . . .

3 01 2011

Great effect–it makes even the leaves appear to be made of foil.

3 01 2011

Love the processing! What a fun picture.

3 01 2011

Pink and silver – what a great combination! I love the processing. The metallic snowman sounds just fine to me. I could do without the real kind.

3 01 2011

I love the processing…the color in the leaves enhances the metallic snowman even more! How nice to be greeted by this happy soul!

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