Lightroom, What Not To Do

31 01 2011

I was trying to move a folder in Lightroom, which I don’t think is an easy thing to do. Anyways, I somehow was asked if I wanted to merge the two folders… and I said yes. But that was a BIG mistake. I went down to eat dinner and when I came back Lightroom was still moving files. Somehow I had managed to tell Lightroom to move all of my files into one folder. BAD! I cancelled the process and went to Explorer to see what had happened. I thought my files had been deleted but in fact they were all in one folder. Explorer doesn’t like it when you have 11,000 files in one folder.

It took me two days to move all my files back to where they should be. Now I am trying to import them again into Lightroom or find they missing file locations. What a mess.

Moral of the story, never say Yes unless you really mean it!


Day 31 Theme #3 Airborne

31 01 2011

Airborne, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

AIRBORNE…. This olympic Flying Aces went AIRBORNE at Raleigh Wide Open in Saturday. They were on a trampoline and were doing all kinds of tricks.

I used the Glow preset to blur out the background in the first photo and an Edge preset on the second photo.

Day 30 Theme #184 Motion Blur

30 01 2011

Japanese Drummers, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

MOTION BLUR….The Japanese Drumming Association of Raleigh performed at Raleigh Wide Open yesterday. I caught one of the drummers hands in a perfect MOTION BLUR. They really put their whole bodies into the motion of drumming.

Here is the drummer:

Day 29 Theme #39 Celebration

29 01 2011

Fan Fair, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

CELEBRATION… Today there was a big CELEBRATION in downtown Raleigh for the NHL All Star game, which is being played tomorrow at the RBC Center.

SIr Walter has been in many of my photos, but today he gets to enjoy the sunshine and all the hockey fans.

DaY 28 Theme #240 Religion

28 01 2011

Religion, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

RELIGION… This statue is on the top of a mausoleum that is in the center of Gethsemene Memorial Gardens. It is a symbol of RELIGION and shows how it interacts with the trappings of modern society with the power lines in the background.

I was walking around the cemetery today looking for a grave for someone on Find A Grave. I found the grave and the person was thankful.

Used a Lightroom AGFA preset that changed the sky to an aqua color for more contrast with the statue.

Day 27 Theme #244 Restful

27 01 2011

Restful, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

RESTFUL…. I went to Zebulon so I could go to Gethsemane Memorial Gardens to take a picture of a grave site for someone on the Web site called Find a Grave. Gethsemane is a final RESTFUL place.

The Web site is for people who are looking for the final resting place of loved ones. You can submit a request for someone in the local area to visit the cemetery and take a photo of their loved ones headstone. If you are doing family genealogy, a headstone can give you important family tree information. I have helped a few people so far by taking pictures for them in Raleigh.

Day 26 Theme #305 The Letter D

26 01 2011

THE LETTER D is for Devil Dog Dungarees. I was driving in Zebulon, NC on the way to the Gethsamene Memorial Gardens (more on that tomorrow) and saw this factory. It has been a long time since we called jeans “dungarees”! The factory is still in business even in this economy.

I did a Google search for Devil Dog Dungarees and was surprised to find some other versions of this sign on flickr. Check it out.

I used Lightroom to make the photo blue and used the Holga Base preset to soften the image more.