R is For Rodin

23 05 2010

R is For Rodin, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

We had brunch in the new NC Museum of Art today and then walked around the new galleries. A collection of Rodin sculptures has been donated to the museum. Some are inside and some are in a beautiful outdoor garden. The new galleries have natural light sources in the ceilings that protect them from the sun. It is a beautiful museum.




6 responses

10 07 2010
Linda Lehner Brooks

Please email me re ancestry.com

25 05 2010

Great collage – and looks like an amazing museum, too! An interesting variety of pieces – and a beautiful waterlily too.

24 05 2010
Tammy McChesney

This is an amazing collection….I love each and every one of these…another fabulous collage! Too fun of a day! 🙂

23 05 2010

What a fantastic array for you have had the privilege of photographing! There are no better figures world wide, I would be there at opening and need to be forcefully ejected at closing!

24 05 2010

Thanks Ron. It is an amazing collection. A woman donated her collection to the museum. It is amazing! The new museum is pretty nice too. The natural light makes for great photos.

10 07 2010
Linda Lehner Brooks

needlepointernc, please email me re ancestry.com

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