Week 52 Photo of the Week, Tatnuck School

25 12 2009

Tatnuck School, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

This is a picture of the elementary school that I went to in Worcester, Massachusetts. It looks like it did when I went there in the 1960s. I took this picture a few years ago. This is a picture of the 6th grade classroom window that I was in and my teacher’s name was Mr. Powers. In those days men could only teach in the 4th grade and higher!

This is the end of the Photo of the Week challenge for me. I am going to publish a book of my 52 weeks of photos. I tried to choose my favorite photos through the years of my photo taking. I also tried to use photos from the different places that I have lived and the places we have visited. I hope you have enjoyed my journey.




2 responses

1 01 2010
Steve Mattan

You did much better than me. Alas, life intervened and the challenge languished.

Good luck with the book! 🙂

26 12 2009
Tammy McChesney

Isn’t it fun to look back on your years?? What a great idea of the book – I am thinking of doing that w/ my photos for the challenge too!

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