Day 292 365 Photos Theme #90 Fads

19 10 2009

Fads, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

FADS are what make the NC State Fair fun. This years fad is Pig Lickers, which is chocolate covered bacon! Didn’t try it, but plenty people were trying it with mixed results.




4 responses

20 10 2009

I must be really addicted to both chocolate and bacon – that sounds kind of intrigueing to me. Great closeups of the bacon fudgsicles.

20 10 2009

Love chocolate. Pretty fond of bacon. Mix them together? I don’t think so. But, this is the essence of what fairs are all about. Fun series.

19 10 2009

Chocolate covered bacon! That has got to be the bestest thing ever!

19 10 2009

For a Lady you sure can uncover some gross stuff, Brave silly people. Yuk.

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