Day 285 365 Photos Theme #352 Watch

12 10 2009

I have never been on a Whale WATCH. I wonder if you get to see a lot of whales! Maybe next summer we can go on one.




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14 10 2009
Sheila McDowell

I had the time of my life this summer! On our travels we got to do two whale watches. One was as Iona said – off the coast of Washington and we saw 25 Orca’s — they were breeching and flapping tails — this was unbelievable! Then when we were in Alaska we took a whale watch cruse and saw 7 Humpback Whales!!! I had been on 11 — yes, 11 whale watches and only saw Minki whales and all you see is there back — So, I am very very happy!

13 10 2009

Can I come along with you?? There are whale watches on the west coast too. Puget Sound has a pod of Orcas. Occasionally, a larger whale or two will wander into the sound and find itself in the Seattle harbor. Lovely shot here. Nice boat, colors, setting. I like the water reflections too.

12 10 2009

That is on my list of things to do – I would love this excursion! Hope you go next year so we get to see the pics!

12 10 2009

That would be fun to do!

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