Day 282 365 Photos Theme #86 Environmental Portraits

10 10 2009

Rachael Carson Preserve, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

Rachael Carson wrote “Silent Spring”. She was very concerned about our environment. I took these ENVIRONMENTAL PORTRAITS at the Rachael Carson Wildlife Refuge in Wells, Maine. It was an overcast day. This is a picture of the salt marsh. It was low tide. The fall colors were just getting near peak in Maine this weekend.




6 responses

13 10 2009

Absolutely beautiful!

13 10 2009

What a marvelous setting for this memorial!! This place is gorgeous! You managed to capture it with the right light, at the height of these magnificent colors, with the tide out so we can visualize more of the real estate. The textures of the grasses and trees and rocks really work together to make this perfect setting. Great job – thanks for bringing it to us.

11 10 2009

Stunning colors and compositions!

10 10 2009

What brilliant colors, I don’t think we will get those this year w/ our early snow – tons of leaves fell off the trees today! I want to go to Maine! đŸ™‚

10 10 2009

If we won Powerball tonight, I will buy a house on the ocean in Maine! It was nice. End of the season. Had lobster and chowder and took lots of pics.

10 10 2009

My computer is fine. I was in Maine for 3 days without one! Now I am back in Massachusetts and plugged in again. But will be on and off the rest of the week.

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