Week 43 Photos of the Week, Landing at Logan Airport, 2007

6 10 2009

Landing at Logan Airport, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

I hate to fly these days, so I have to occupy myself during the flight. I had my camera out the whole flight from Raleigh to Boston. It is a short flight but I managed to get some great pictures. I took this picture as we were landing at Logan Airport. It is a view of the pier where the cruise ships dock. I want to make this scene into a quilted wall hanging some day!




2 responses

7 10 2009

What a gorgeous city scape – this would also be a cool canvas print….

On a side note, I never heard back from you, how did the sr pics go?

7 10 2009

Oh, I am actually doing a portfolio for a friend’s daughter who is applying to art school. It isn’t until Oct. 19th so I will let you know how it goes then. I asked Cathy my friend who quilts my quilts what she thought about what to charge. She said $75.00 would be reasonable for 10 pieces and a DVD of the pictures. And the person agreed that it was a good price! I hope it goes well. Thanks for asking!

Hope your son is feeling better. I just got my flu shot. I am going to be around old people next week! I hope they all got their shots 🙂


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