Day 267 365 Photos Theme #244 Public Transportation

23 09 2009

PubTrans Art On The Move, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION is important to many now that gas prices have gone up so much.

The City of Raleigh and the Arts Council are promoting public transportation with their Art on the Move campaign.

Moore Square Station is the downtown hub for the buses. It is a busy place.




5 responses

25 09 2009

Like the buses – I took the bus from Auburn Mall to City Hall last Sunday. First time I’ve used Worcester public transportation ever!

24 09 2009

Swell series of shots. I like the buses being used to display and advertise the art. Nice colors.

23 09 2009

What a cool idea – I would love to marvel over the arts while taking a ride! 🙂 Love these images!

23 09 2009

I like your shots here, the first one has a slight yellow color cast to it….it may be even better if you fix that.

24 09 2009

I actually reduced the red and that seems to have ;made it less yellow?

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