Day 266 365 Photos Theme #109 Foreign

22 09 2009

Foreign, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

These FOREIGN Russian dolls or matryoshka, were for sale at the Greek Festival this weekend. We went to the annual Greek Festival, which is held at the State Fair Grounds in September. The food and pastries are excellent. There is entertainment too.

I have a collection of different kinds of matryoshka. I like the traditional designs the best.

“Russian wooden dolls within smaller dolls are called matryoshka. In old Russian among peasants the name Matryona or Matriosha was a very popular female name. This name was associated with the image of of a mother of a big peasant family who was very healthy and had a portly figure.”




6 responses

25 09 2009

Love these dolls – they are so colorful.

24 09 2009

Oops! That should read “fine” photo.

24 09 2009

When I was younger, these dolls always fascinated me. We visited a friends house who had some and I loved them. Lovely colors and find photo.

23 09 2009

What a great image for the theme, love these brightly painted dolls – I also like them next to the unfinished ones so we get a sense of what is involved in the making of them…

23 09 2009

What a wonderful Family of Russian Dolls.

23 09 2009

Ron… are you near the dust storms? Hope all is well.

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