Day 255 365 Photos Theme #364 Works of Art

12 09 2009

BarrelMonster-1, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

WORKS OF ART or a case of vandalism? The City of Raleigh thinks that this was a case of vandalism and tried to make a case out of it. The company liked the Barrel Monster and didn’t press charges. Read about the Barrel Monster case.

The Barrel Monster creator and his creation were out at Plant Delights open house this morning. He also had is car with him, another work of art:

Plant Delights is awesome for ideas and different cultivars. I bought some cool echinachea colors and a new sedum for our Sedum garden. The Hellebores were too expensive. They are known for their irreverent Catalog Covers. This season’s cover is Desperate Gardeners!




5 responses

17 09 2009

Very creative indeed…love that car,
but wouldn’t want one for myself! lol

13 09 2009

I love it – this artist is really creative. Part of his art is the audacity of flirting with the edge of the law. It’s an intrigueing thought – so much of the really edge-y art these days is slightly shady.

13 09 2009
Karen S. (klsbear)

Pretty creative and lucky for him the company had a sense of humor and didn’t make a big case out of things.

12 09 2009

I love the monster dude – this is too fun, wish I could think of ideas like this!

12 09 2009

How fun!! This guy is an artist and needs to be hired by someone to do this for a living. 😀 Yet, he needs to find his materials legally though. 😀 Great series and entertaining shots too. Good job.

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