Day 253 365 Photos Theme #355 Weights and Measurements

9 09 2009

Weights and Measures, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

These WEIGHTS AND MEASUREMENTS are on the leg press machine at the gym.




5 responses

13 09 2009
Karen S. (klsbear)

That cube thing is pretty cool – works great with the weights. Cubes, Orbs… what’s next from this group?

10 09 2009

Clever! Why didn’t I think of that? How did you do that cube?

10 09 2009

i thought I mentioned for some of the things I have been using. They have cool actions for PE7. I bought Frames, Mats, Boxit, and PopitOut (this one is harder to use). Not even that ;much money. Someone in elements village used them.

9 09 2009

The cube works perfectly with the weights.

9 09 2009

Another award winning layout! love what you did to this – I need to get that cube! 🙂

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