Day 245 365 Photos Theme #306 Stripes

2 09 2009

Green Bug On Stalk, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

I love the lime green STRIPES on this dragonfly that was feasting in my wildflower patch. I have never seen this colored dragonfly before. Here is another view:




6 responses

3 09 2009

I’m partial to dragonflies and this one is a beauty. Terrific closeup.

2 09 2009

What an incredibly vibrant green! You must have stalked it so patiently to get such detail.

2 09 2009

You’ve photographed this dragonfly well!

2 09 2009

He’s a beaut! Did you know their favorite food is mosquitoes?? That alone would make them a favorite of mine! 😀 Lovely closeup and great colors to show off this beautiful creature. Great find and fit for the theme.

2 09 2009

Beautiful capture, love how he blends in w/ the plant!!

2 09 2009

That is a pretty green.
Awsome shots 🙂

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