Day 242 365 Photos Theme #272 Security

30 08 2009

Police Car, originally uploaded by needlepointernc.

The Police provide SECURITY for the citizens of Franklinton, which is a small town north of Raleigh. Our neighbor works for the town and brings his car home with him.

I used Lightroom to remove the color except for yellow and then boosted the saturation so the emblem would stand out more. I cropped the picture too.




4 responses

1 09 2009

Wow! Your processing just gets better and better. Nice crop, too, to focus on the essentials.

30 08 2009

Wonderful processing – the composition is picture perfect too!

30 08 2009

You can’t mistake that for anything else but a police car. Great shot & the processing really makes the words pop! Good luck on your state fair entry….I wasn’t permitted to enter one in my state fair because I don’t reside in the county that the fair is held in! How unfair is that to the other 20 counties??? LOL but not really

30 08 2009

And no confusing it for a Taxi either, great take for the theme and automatic Black and White – No Adjustment needed.

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