A Change of Scenery

28 08 2009

I had to get out of the house today and the yard for taking pictures. So, I drove downtown and took some pictures there and around town. So, no flowers and butterflies for awhile I hope. It was just windy a few minutes ago but it didn’t rain. It is humid enough though. We need some rain from Tropical Storm Danny, but they just said he is weakening and the cold front is stronger. It is supposed to be 72 here on Monday BRRR.

Well, tomorrow AM we will watch Ted Kennedy’s Funeral on TV. It starts at 10:00 AM Eastern. RIP.

Here is my second shot at the Warning theme. Everytime I post a theme I always find one I like better. This one is a preview of some others to come.




3 responses

29 08 2009

It is a Caboose with Kudzu growing up it. I will have more pics tomorrow for the next theme!

29 08 2009

I love this composition, every time I look I see something new.

28 08 2009

Is this part of a railway car? With the vine growing on it, it must have been in a scrap yard. Great depth and grunge. Nice colors, and just enough greenery to make it pop.

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